Marco is Engaged

As you probably already heard, Marco opened his Salon Shop for Men, called Chopperz, after leaving his career with Intel in Portland. Marco found his niche in the evolution of the hair salon to just such a place for men.  He said, “We call ourselves a grooming lounge because we encourage our guests to hang out whether or not they are getting a service and we provide them with an environment that encourages them. Not only do we have darts and video games that they can play, beer to drink and TV’s to watch – we take it a step further. We have digital video recorders that record all of the most popular shows, so, if they have missed their favorite show because they were working, they can watch what they missed while they are getting a shave and a haircut.”

Marco and May, both run the shop in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Last year, they took their partnership forward and announced their engagement.  They are planning to get married this coming September.

May, a Mien American, whose ancestry is Indo-Chinese has been Marco’s significant other for many years.  Not only an exceptional hair stylist, she is completing her degree in Nursing.  May is also a very good Asian food chef.  She can whip a meal in minutes.  It is difficult not to gain weight when we visit Marco and May as they are both gourmet food chef/connoisseurs.

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